How to Check Which Shenzhen Bilian Electronic on my WiFi?

How to find out which Shenzhen Bilian Electronic is connected to my WiFi. Why Is It So Difficult To Remove The Shenzhen Bilian Electronic?

A worldwide brand for advanced and smart wireless networking devices and advanced cloud Wi-Fi modules, Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Corporation Limited is one of the world’s leading wireless technology companies. With a network of offices and branches across the globe, as well as online and offline product processes, Shenzhen Bilian has products traded in over 32 nations and regions. A Wi-Fi web connection and all the necessary things that require an Internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection are part of it.

A wide range of topics are covered, such as Internet, smart home, Internet of things, smart city network hardware, smart community, and software. When it comes to many advanced or innovative technologies and the latest aspects, it can be very confusing to be surrounded by advanced tech devices. A notable example is the warning stating that Shenzhen Bilian Electronic is using my WiFi. If you see this warning on your device, know that you are not alone.

About Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Corporation Limited?

The Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Company was founded in 1997 and is based in Longhua New District, Shenzhen, as an R&D and market facility. It provides Wireless N Routers and Wireless N Adapters. The corporation boasts over 1,000 employees and has received ISO14001 and ISO9001 certifications, the National High-Tech Enterprise Certificate, the Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise Certificate, and the Shenzhen Electronic Society Standing Director Unit Certificate.

In China and around the world, Shenzhen Bilian Electronic is a very well-known company. For example, your advanced home, your advanced city network hardware, your smart society, software, and all those advanced smart devices that have a Wi-Fi internet connection. LB-LINK’s switches, Wi-Fi modules, and other products are Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Corporation Limited’s main products.

Other products offered by Shenzhen Bilian include the following: Ethernet Switch, Wireless Router, Wireless Adapter, Wireless Card Module, USB Module, High-gain Outdoor LAN, Wireless Express Card, Network Card Modules, Wireless Transmission, LAN Module, WLAN USB Module, Ethernet Switches, and Wireless USB Card, among others.

Why is Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Device connected to my WiFi?

Wi-Fi is connected to Shenzhen Bilian Electronic for a number of reasons. It happens because someone has provided the Wi-Fi password to a friend or neighbor. The problem is with your device and its Wi-Fi connection if the Internet works better on other devices.

In other words, it seems to be a Samsung phone according to a fast Google search. A random MAC address can also be assigned to certain devices to ensure security. It can be viewed by pressing the attached Wi-Fi network in the Wi-Fi options. You can now reset the Wi-Fi password and check if the connection is restored.

Can Google recommend something similar to the Miracast Wi-Fi screen? It may be that the company is extending RF-linked devices to other types of Wi-Fi. It is likely that the MAC address will return to Shenzhen RF-LINK Technology Limited (who is likely to be the creator).

What Is The Main Reason Why You Cannot Remove The Shenzhen Bilian Electronic?

The first time you notice that Shenzhen billion electronic devices are connected to your Wi-Fi, you proceed to remove or disconnect the device; then you will notice that it reconnects automatically without your approval. The device automatically reconnects itself. Because of Shenzhen Bilian Electronic, your home device is attached directly to an internet router with a cable connection instead of with Wi-Fi.

Additionally, applicants will notice that it will never ask for permission. Alternatively, it should be some Android app that establishes the connection between your router and the Shenzhen Bilian Electronic device. It won’t ask for your authorization in this situation. As long as you don’t cut that direct connection, the device automatically connects to Wi-Fi.

It is easiest and safest to reset your Wi-Fi connection password on your router. It will effectively remove all your devices from your Wi-Fi network. Then, you will have to re-authenticate your Wi-Fi connection by mentioning your new password or PIN on all your devices. You can deactivate the connection by clicking on the red Wi-Fi icon next to the device.

Final Conclusion:

Bilian Electronics Corporation Limited is an expert in research and development (R&D), manufacture, and sales of network communication devices. The company provides a range of services, including product development, sales, manufacturing, Wi-Fi software engineering, and technical support. In addition, it includes marketed products such as routers, smart wireless routers, AC controllers, AC + AP business Wi-Fi solutions, smart cloud wireless adapters, smart cloud Wi-Fi modules, switches, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee modules, and more.

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