Expeditious Retreat 5e

This spell will allow you to move quickly and as a bonus action on each and every turn until the Expeditious Retreat 5e spell ends and you will take the dash action as a result.

Your speed of movement is not affected by haste, but only the percentage of times you’ll be moved each turn. That is why haste stacks with Expeditious Retreat.

Expeditious Retreat 5e

  • Casting Time: 1 bonus action
  • Range: Self
  • Components: V S
  • Duration: Concentration, Up to 10 minutes
  • Classes: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

In many cases, my DMs wish to raise initiative when getting on the brink of an enemy just to cause tension, or because many of the party members try to induce their actions in first (We don’t always play as players, but as characters, so the maximum amount of ideas are created by the characters as we strategize).

In my experience, there are a few spells that allow this same finding, albeit with some casting time. Let me also share how my character would handle it. We assume that the enemy will not yet see us until we engage, which involves Minor Illusion, Expeditious Retreat, and Thunderwave.

  • During my first move, I’ll cast Minor Illusion to make a double of myself shouting banging noises to get their attention. (This way, their initial movement will keep them together until the rest of the party interacts). As a bonus action, you can cast Expeditious Retreat.
  • Next turn, I will be able to make an attack. When I am close enough to the group (and far enough from my party), I’ll cast Thunderwave, then under the consequences of Expeditious Retreat, I’ll retreat to my placement, preferably behind the heavy hitters.
Swift expeditious retreat is better even at level 2 since you will still withdraw during an equivalent turn. From a distance, you can use your standard to push something closer. It is also possible to cast at range, then retreat to a longer range so that your foes cannot catch up to you. Indeed, nearly all swift and immediate spells in spell compendium have a touch of power sneak, adding an additional action where there was nothing until level 9-11 before.
Expeditious Advance is particularly useful on gish characters, since it negates difficult terrain and grants a bonus to leap checks. Until your character gets reliable flight, this is often very useful in certain combat situations.
Within the first round, casting Expeditious Retreat won’t change how far you will flee: you will cast Expeditious Retreat and move 60′, or you can withdraw and move 60′. Except for the first option, you will also be exposed to two attacks of opportunity, one for casting the spell and another for leaving a threatened space. By taking the Run action, you can reduce that to just one attack of opportunity, and move 120′.
In contrast, Swift Expeditious Retreat would allow you also to Withdraw or Run in addition to casting it. You won’t get any speed boost then, but you will get enough of a start that you won’t need any speed boost.
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