Enemies Abound 5e

You reach the mind of one creature you see and force it to make an Intelligence saving throw. When a creature is proof against being scared, it succeeds automatically. Upon failing to save, the target loses its ability to distinguish between friends and enemies, considering all living creatures as enemies until the spell ends. A target can repeat the saving throw when it takes damage, ending its own effect on a hit.

Any time a creature chooses another creature as a target, it must pick the target at random from among the creatures it can see within the range of its attack, spell, or other ability. A creature must make a chance attack if it is ready to do so if it is provoked by an enemy.

5th edition of Enemies Abound

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 120 feet
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
  • Scales: No
  • Casters: Arcane Trickster, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
An Intelligence save is forced upon one of the creatures you will encounter. If it is resistant to being frightened, it automatically succeeds.s. If it fails, it regards all creatures it can see as enemies, including allies. The target can repeat the save whenever it takes damage, ending the effect on a hit.
The creature must choose a target randomly from among the creatures it can see within range whenever it chooses a target. If an enemy provokes a chance attack, the creature must make that attack if it is ready.
As it triggers when the creature chooses a target, it had been very easy for the target to control it so that the spell had no effect. If you use a melee weapon and ensure that only an actual enemy is within range, then that enemy will be randomly selected. If you use AOE spells, you can continue to target specific enemies selectively. Or in the worst case scenario, putting away their weapons and not attacking so as not to hurt an ally.

As a result of casting this spell, a creature was confused, frightened, and unable to distinguish between friend and foe. The creature randomly attacked anyone in its vicinity. If a creature was strong enough or had a resistance to fear, it would be unaffected by this spell.

It is possible for someone or a group to be an enemy if they act against a viewpoint person or group. The person targeted by Enemies Abound views every creature they encounter as working toward their destruction, but whether these enemies are seen as working against them collectively or individually is up to roleplay.

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