Aganazzar’s Scorcher 5e

The wizard Aganazzar created Aganazzar’s scorcher. In the original text of the Tome of the Covenant, a spellbook created by the four founders of the Covenant, this spell was written on the first page, and Aganazzar gave the spell to his apprentices. In addition, the Red Wizards were also known to have used that shortly after Aganazzar died.

Analyzing Agazzar’s Scorcher from a thematic perspective. From a gameplay perspective, finding quite two (or sometimes even two) opponents at the same time, the position where you would like to put my mage, and catching them in said line is a much harder proposition than finding them gathered within an X’ radius circle.

Aganazzar’s Scorcher 5e

  • Duration: 1 action
  • at a distance oV, S, M (a red dragon’s scale)n’s scale)
  • Timing: Instantaneous

During a selected direction, a line of roaring flame 30 feet long and 5 feet wide erupts from you. Dexterity saving throws are required for all creatures within the line. On a failed save, a creature takes 3d8 fire damage, or half as much damage on a successful one.

It is at a higher level. If you cast this spell while using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d8 per slot level above 2nd.

Agazzar’s potential number of targets pales in comparison with Fireball, but Fireball is admittedly an exception. The Aganazzar should be comparable to Shatter in general, or better, in terms of “how many enemies I can often hit with one cast” when you calculate where to place the middle of a Shatter or the start line of an Aganazzar in order to harm the most creatures.

Due to the existence of numerous “circular” AOE effects, smart players would try to keep between 10 and 20 feet between themselves to avoid using AOE spells. Aganazzar’s, just like Lightning Bolt, offers a way to circumvent that safety in those situations.
There’s a problem (or rather, a big problem) with Aganazz. It has to be cast by a caster (duh). Casters, at least most of them, usually cast the rear. Aganazzar is kind of useless because it comes from you, negating its tactical utility.
So to take advantage of it efficiently, you’d need to be within the frontline at the outset of your communication, with enough movement to position yourself in a way that encloses quite one enemy. It was accepted by elven battlemages, who crafted magic rings of the fireside containing the spell with the command word of the fete.

It’s just too much hassle, and too much risk, for many casters, compared to upcast Ice Knife / Spike Growth / upcast Tremor / Heat Metal / Flaming Sphere / Shatter or maybe Scorching Ray in the worst case for spreaded targets.

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