Spike Growth 5e Spell In DnD

  As a result of the Spike Growth 5e spell, the area within the range of a 20-foot radius will sprout hard spikes and thorns, and this area will turn into very difficult terrain for the duration. Whenever the creature moves into the world or within the world, the creature takes 2d4 piercing damages for every 5 feet it moves.
In order to make it appear natural, the bottom is camouflaged. A creature that cannot see the world at the time the spell is cast must make a Wisdom (Perception) check against your spell save DC to recognize hazardous terrain before entering it.

Spike Growth 5e

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 150 feet
  • Components: V S M (Seven sharp thorns or seven small twigs, each sharpened to a point)
  • Duration: Concentration Up to 10 minutes
  • Classes: Druid, Ranger
A creature that takes damage from this spell must also succeed on a Reflex save or suffer injuries to its feet and legs that reduce its speed by half. The injured creature’s speed penalty lasts for twenty-four hours or until it receives a cure spell (which restores lost hit points as well). It is possible for another character to remove the penalty by decorating the injuries and succeeding on a Heal check against the spells save DC.
AoE control spells are those that change or impact the environment, as the name implies. Typically, these spells open up from a particular square on the battlefield that you select. Due to its location, this area has become your territory because you can force the enemy to travel through it.
  Dropping a Spike Growth on top of some or all of your enemies is completely possible. This is a fantastic way to ensure that you simply squeeze a few points of health from your opponent while slowing their advance.

In the picture above, two groups of kobolds are attaching themselves to the ranger. By placing Spike Growth directly on top of the larger group, Spike Growth hinders half of the group. She now has time to affect the remaining 2 kobolds while the others walk through the thorns and spikes and take some chip damage.

When a large area is involved, this can be an effective tactic. If you and your party specialize in fewer enemies, you will take less damage from the encounter than the DM probably planned.

Spike spells create physical barriers or walls on the battlefield that can be placed by you. Walls or barriers must abide by the dimensions of these spells in order to function. Each of those spells functions differently, either by placing a sturdy barrier that can’t be crossed or a barrier that can be crossed but suffers consequences if it is.

The concept of battlefield control can be applied to any combat-based TTRPG, even though the focus is often on D&D 5e. You can also use these tactics with any TTRPG that has spells or similar abilities, so keep that in mind as well.

Walls and area of effect control spells are fun spells you can use to keep yourself and your allies safe, as well as cost the enemy precious resources like their health or action economy.

As a result of having battlefield control, your party has more room to maneuver around and position, while preventing the enemy from having the same benefit. The benefit isn’t as easily calculateable as healing or damage dealing, but it’s still a valuable tool for combat!

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