Hellish Rebuke 5e Dungeon and Dragon 2022 guide

How does Hellish Rebuke 5e work? Hellish Rebuke 5e’s famous attributes (range, target, damage, components, duration, creature).

1: Introduction:

Hellish rebuke 5e is one of the spells used in the game Dungeons and Dragons. When it comes to dungeons and dragons, for example, if you are a player or a user. You are explaining Hellish rebuke, a 5e spell. When you are casting this spell within the game, you can be pointing your finger at the game of Dungeon and Dragon, and then you are casting this 5e spell. If any of the players casts this hellish rebuke 5e spell and hellish flames, the creatures or monsters which are attacking you are momentarily surrounded in the whole game of Dungeon and Dragon. Users and players can make dexterity saving throws against creatures and monsters. This spell will take half damage or attacking if it fails to save an item, while the spell will take 2d10 fire damage or attack on the successful round in the game. In the end, we can say that the hellish rebuke 5e spell is very useful in the game, and the user or players also benefit from it. Players can make more damages and attacks within the game. In this article, we will talk and discuss all the relevant information about this spell and all the described information related to it. Let’s get started.

2: What is Hellish rebuke 5e spell in dungeon and dragon?

In the game of Dungeons and Dragons, the hellish rebuke spell is such an awesome spell. In Dungeons and Dragons, there is a level named 1 that is an (evocation) level. Hellish Rebuke is the full name of this 5e spell. A reaction is required to cast this spell. If the player or user is responsible for doing heavy damage or attack by the creature or monster; then this spell is within range of 60 feet from the player’s or user’s side. All the targeted attacks and damages are visible to every player in this game, dungeon, and dragon.

Famous Attributes:

V and S are the components of this hellish rebuke 5e spell. Depending on the area specified, this hellish rebuke 5e spell has a range of 60 feet. According to the spell save, this 5e spell has an attack or targeted name of Dex. Damage range for this 5e spell is 2d10 in the ranges of dungeons and dragons. This spell deals fire damage. Damage type is fire damage. Evocation is the name of the school in Dungeons and Dragons. This time limit is instantaneous. There is a class called a warlock. According to the higher spell slot description information, the spell slot is of level 2 or above in the dungeon and dragon game. Then the user or player can be casting this 5e spell at the time of damage. This 5e spell will increase the damage by targeting the 1d10 for each slot and above 1st level. There is only one slot above 1st level. When dungeon and dragon are within range, higher spell slots die d10. These saving throws are called dexterity. Name of the target is the type of creature that caused harm to any player or user.

3: What are the attributes of the Hellish rebuke 5e spell?

  The Hellish rebuke 5e spell’s attribute is described here: The casting time of this spell is only a reaction. In the game of dungeon and dragon, the user or player can take responsibility for being damaged by a creature within 60 feet of him or her that every player can easily see. Such creatures are known as warlocks. The components are named V and S. There are 2d10 types of damage. One of those is Fire damage. Instantaneous is the duration name. A higher spell slot is referred to as Desc. If the player or user is casting this spell, it is using a spell slot that is at least 2nd level. Within the range of the game, if the player or user damages the target by 1d10 for each level above 1st, the target is increased by 1d10. The higher the spell slot dice, the greater the damage. For instance, the higher the spell slot dice, the greater the damage. Each level is named  Hellish Rebuke 5e spell has the full name Hellish Rebuke. The range of this spell is 60 feet. Saves are based on dexterity. Evocation is the school name. Players and users within a game can be attacked by creatures or monsters.

4: What do you know about the basic information of the Hellish rebuke 5e spell?

This article presents the user or player with all the information they need about the Hellish rebuke 5e spell. So as we all know, the scroll of hellish rebuke has a name. This spell has a common rarity. There is only one type of Hellish rebuke spell in 5e. This is the consumables category. The relevant page number is 200. A price range of 50 to 100 GP is according to the (per DMG). The price range according to (per Sane Prices) is 120 pages.

5: How many times can a user use this spell?

Hellish rebuke 5E can be used by the user in the game of Dungeons and Dragons. The user or player can cast this spell once per long rest with Infernal Legacy in Dungeons and Dragons. This spell can also be used as a 2nd level spell for battling in the game by the player or user.
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