5 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 Available in 2022 To Knock Down Enemies – CS: GO

5 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 Available in 2022 To Knock Down Enemies – CS: GO

Dust 2 is one of the most popular and famous maps in the first-person shooter series Counter-Strike. There are some great grenade spots in Dust 2. CS:GO’s Grenades feature is one of its most useful features. What is the most famous CSGO to grenades in 2022?

The following is the table of contents:

1: Introduction of best grenade spots dust 2

2: T-site

3: Smoke X-box from spawn

4: Smoke the corner Flashover

5: Smoke CT

1: Introduction of best grenade spots dust 2:

Dust 2 is one of the most famous and popular maps in CS:GO. It is one of the best types of maps known for its ease and convincing qualities for players. We can also say that it is helpful for people who are new to dust 2. A player who is entering the world of gaming sites should use this helpful map to play the game.

This type of game has a high chance of being played by the player if he wants to play such a game. In addition, it is considered to be the best kind of map for beginners. Because of its straightforward layout and user interface, it is friendly and worthwhile. However, most of the players in this world play counter strike-global offensive games. During this dust two games, each player has a different strategy in mind. The following are the six best types of grenade spots in this article:

 2: T-site:

In this article, we describe all the best kinds of playing strategies you can use when playing against your opponents. A player should start with and use a T-site grenade as the first grenade. When taking the B, the player now has to think about how he can use this grenade positively? The player should shift on top of the shift jump through from there before jumping down over the lodge.

Now the player must look up between the doorstops of the corner to hit the end of the suicide area of the building. A flashlight will appear from the beyond and from the edge of the smoke and the smoke person. If the player wants to get mid-control, he or she should run down there for a meet-up.

3: Smoke X-box from spawn:

Best grenade spots dust 2 and Smoke X-Box are the best and 2nd famous. Smoke X-box is a well-known smoke X-box from spawn. Additionally, the user will need to approach every corner with the classic view model within the game, and now the player should line up the right top corner with a smoke grenade dust 2. By jumping through this awning, the user or player becomes the awning on top of the corner.

 4: Smoke the corner Flashover:

The smoke grenade is the third and best type of grenade in the game Best grenade spots dust 2. It comes from a flashover from a corner of the building. Imagine that a player has the best kind of long spawn and wants to flash over the smoke from the corner. After passing this wall, the user can flash over the smoke, but the smoke is not too far from a wide area.

A player should align his finger from the dotted corner, and then he can jump throw with it. The player needs to open the first door, then he needs to the second flash off and second door that will create the smoke from the corner of the wall within the game. After the first flashlight caught everyone’s attention, he could see a wide area of smoke. During the game, the user or player will become blind from using the second flashlight.

But it depends on the player, so if he is late for a while, he can look up to the top left of the rectangle. For the jump throw, the player should do a little jump or quick run snap, and then he can see the blinded area. In addition, the player can be able to see other corners of the room with its help. After that, the player should look at the dotted area or on the pit area with the help of the 2nd flash smoke. In addition, the second flash is the best option for getting players from anywhere close to the building’s doors.

5: Smoke CT(best smoke spots dust 2):

In Dust 2, the best type of grenade spot is Smoke CT in fourth place. When the player uses or uses the cat split for a long time, the CTS will revolve around the pistols. Therefore, the player does not want to make smoke and jump throws with the smoke, because this smoke will kill the enemy quickly. As a result, we can conclude that smoke CT is the best kind of smoke, allowing the player or user to fight against his opponents and enemies well.

Smoke CT is the best kind of scenario. Therefore, the player should line up on the shadow, which can be made available and perpendicular from the wall by the player, and the player can run from it. Making the lineup is important because it takes some effort to mess up with the smoke.

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